MGMT 386 / 505 Organizational Behavior & Theory (Frye)

Formatting a paper in APA style

Click the link below for tips on formatting the layout of your paper in Microsoft Word or Google docs.

Writing help available online

APA style tips page

This page gives tips on creating APA citations for commonly used sources for your class projects, though this is not a full list of how to do everything in APA. 

For additional APA guidance, try the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL):

Cite from library databases

Most library databases have tools for creating citations in APA and other styles. The images below indicate for what to look for in a couple common library databases: usually a pair of quotation marks indicate citations. Another path is to use the email tools in a database to email yourself your research and a citation all in one message. 

Many library databases provide formatted references to use in bibliographies or reference lists. The format is not always completely correct. Double-check the results!


Esearch: look for the quotation mark icon - Cite Now

Screenshot of Esearch with citation link highlighted

ProQuest: look for the Cite option on the right side of the detailed item screen:

Screenshot of ProQuest interface - cite option highlighted

APA 7th edition References page examples


Electronic article with DOI (direct object identifier) 

Frye, C. M., Bennett, R., & Caldwell, S. (2006). Team emotional intelligence and team interpersonal process effectiveness. American Journal of Business, 21(1), 49-58.

Electronic article with exact URL printed on article (if a doi is not available)

Lanier, C. D. Jr., & Saini, A. (2008). Understanding consumer privacy: A review and future directions. Academy of Marketing Science Review, 12(2), 1-45.

Chapter from a book or eBook

Marcus, J., Rudolph, C. W., & Zacher, H. (2020). An ecological systems framework for work and aging. In D. L. Stone, J.H. Dulebohn, & K. M.  Lukaszewski (Eds.), Diversity and inclusion in organizations (pp. 193-223). Information Age Publishing.

Citing business databases in APA 7th edition

This page gives examples for citing reports or data from specialized business databases. 

APA Style

These links offer advice for using APA Style and have enough information for most student papers.