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MeLCat, or the Michigan eLibrary Catalog, is a project funded by the State of Michigan that links various participating libraries across the state. As a participating institution, EMU users benefit from a number of its features, including:

  • MeLCat Library Delivery: Allows you to request books, videos, and CDs from participating libraries across the state and have them shipped to your home library (See for a list of participating libraries). Using this service, you may request that EMU materials be shipped to your local public library (this is the preferred method for off-campus students who are Michigan residents).
  • MeLCat Visiting Patron: If a library participates in the Visiting Patron Service (see for a list of participating libraries), you may check out materials in person by using your EagleCard or library card from another participating institution and photo ID. You may return the materials to either your home library or the library from which you've checked them out.

For more information on using MeLCat, see, or the instructional video at

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