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Annual Report to Shareholders

If the company is public, look for the Annual Report to Shareholders on the company web site. It's often behind a link called Investor Relations or just Investors.

Unfortunately, in some cases the annual report might not be available in English!

If you can't find it on the web site or need an older annual report, see Other Sources for Annual Reports further down on this page.

Disclosure Filings (including 20-F forms)

Great for Background Info!

Search for Books

Company Directory for Canada and Mexico

Other Sources for Annual Reports (current and past years)

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Research Tips

If an international company is publicly traded, you can usually find detailed financials--especially if  it is also  traded on one of the U.S. stock exchanges.

Articles may be easy to find for large international companies. For smaller international companies, try Factiva.

Well-known international companies may be found in the International Directory of Company Histories or books on the company may be found in the library catalog.

If your company is a subsidiary, you will need to research the parent company. You might not be able to find separate financial info on the subsidiary. However, info on the subsidiary might be found in articles, the parent company's 20-F (if traded on a U.S. exchange), and other sources.

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