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Finding the Full Text of an Article

Finding the full text of an article can be challenging because the library may provide access in different ways:

Most of the time the library has an electronic subscription to the journal, or the article can be found in a database, or the article can be found for free online.

Sometimes the library provides a journal only in hard copy (usually for older years of a journal).*

If those options don't work, you can ask the library to get it via interlibrary loan.

Usually the full text is just a few clicks away. Follow the steps in the handout linked below.

If you have a DOI number, you can create a link to the article using the form below.  The link goes to the publisher page for the article. It might have free full text from the library. If you don't find free full text at the publisher page, the article can almost always be found using other methods from the handout.

If your article is only available in print at the EMU Library, you can request that staff in the Circulation Department scan the article for you.


A DOI - digital object identifier - is a standard method of referring to online publications, often articles.  DOIs are persistent references that will always point to a particular resource, even if the publisher's web address has changed.

DOI Link Generator

Use this form to create a link from a DOI. The generated link will include the EMU proxy and allow off-campus access to library subscriptions.

Copy and paste the DOI (example: 10.1177/0042085910377290)

Copy and use the resulting link:

to make another link

Finding Full Text Examples

Getting full-text articles

Other Legal Ways to Find Free Full Text Articles

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