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Requesting Digitization

If you would like a portion of a book in any of the library's collections (except Archives) to be digitized, or a scan of an article available in print or microfilm in the library, follow the instructions below to place a digitization request.

Please note: due to the Fair Use exception of copyright law, only limited amounts (one chapter or 10%) of a book can be requested to be digitized (scanned) and provided by email.

1. Search Esearch

Search Esearch for the item from which you want a section digitized:

esearch search box example

2. Access the item's detailed record

Click the item's title in Esearch to access its detailed record:

Esearch title example

3. Sign In

Look for the "Sign In" link under "Get It" and use your NetID and password to access the system:

Example of sign in link

4. Click on Digitization

Choose the "Digitization" option under "Get It". This opens the digitization request form.

Esearch digitization link example

5. Fill in the digitization request form

Fill in the form with as much information as possible. Use the comment field to add more details if needed:

Digitization form example

To find chapter titles or page numbers, scroll down to the "Details" heading on the book’s record, or click "details" in the sidebar and scroll down to view the contents:

Book details example

6. Receive your file

Once we receive your digitization request, we will send a confirmation email to your emich address within three business days. Soon after this, you will receive an email with your digitized chapter or article, in PDF format.

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