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Bacharach, S. B., Bamberger, P. A., & Doveh, E. (2008). Firefighters, critical incidents, and drinking to cope: The adequacy of unit-level performance resources as a source of vulnerability and protection. Journal of Applied Psychology93(1), 155-169. doi:10.1037/0021-9010.93.1.155

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An Explanation of Citing and References

If the idea of citing sources and using references is something new for you, use this tutorial to help you understand.

Do you know when to cite?

Many students (even graduate students) don't fully understand when it is important to cite sources. This short interactive tutorial will ensure that you know when to cite sources, so you aren't in danger of plagiarizing.

How do I find the information I need to create a reference?

This interactive tutorial will help you recognize what type of source a reference is describing (an article, book, chapter, online video, etc.) It also provides useful tips on where to find the information you need to create a reference for a journal article.

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