MKTG 461 - Sales Operations Management

Fortune 500 & Fortune 1000

Google Company Web Site

At the company's web site, look for a link for investors (sometimes called Investor Relations). This is where many companies include the most recent Annual Report to Shareholders (sometimes also SEC filings). If you can't find the ARS on the company site, try sources listed in the box underneath this one.

You may also learn about the company's sales operations by exploring other parts of the company's web site, including descriptions of job openings.

Google Web Search

Other Sources for Annual Reports (current and past years)

Thinking about Information Sources

Company web site
What are the purposes of a company web site?

Strengths as a source?


Annual Report
What is the purpose of an annual report?  

Why might an Annual Report have info you couldn't find on the rest of the company web site? 

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