History of Campus Demonstrations & Rallies

A guide detailing historical events on the campus of Eastern Michigan University related to student protest and demonstrations

The Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s that fought for racial equality was elevated during the late 1960s on the campus of EMU when the movement was highlighted by peaceful demonstrations, sit-ins, rallies and speeches. Voting rights and ending racial segregation were the main goals of these demonstrations and while it took decades the 1960s saw the realization of many of the goals protesters were aiming for. Prominent figures and groups of this era were Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, the Students for a Democratic Society, Black Students Association, and the Black Panthers. Eastern Michigan University students also played an active role in the Civil Rights Movement during this time. There were student marches and rallies held to bring racial equality to Eastern Michigan University’s campus, the students held teach-ins to discuss racism and how to end it, and there were a number of movies, rallies, and meetings to discuss the Black Panthers and relations with the police.

Project Credit

The History of Campus Demonstrations guide was created by Aleesa Wright as part of her course work for HIST489L4.