An introduction to e-books at the EMU library.

General Tips


  1. Library e-books work well on computers, laptops, and some other devices that use a standard web browser. They might not work on some devices, such as cell phones.
  2.  Library e-books often don't allow you to print or copy pages (some allow a limited amount of copying/printing). For EBSCO e-books look in the details listed on the first page for information on how many pages you are allowed to print/email/save.
  3.  Some e-books can be temporarily downloaded to your computer and some can only be read online, depending on whether the book is a multiple-user version or a single-user version.
  4.  If you want to save the e-book as a favorite in your browser, save the e-search page (see instructions below). If you try to save a web address that you see after logging in to the book, the link will not work later.
  5. When you are finished reading the book, close the browser window and the book will become available to another student. If you aren't actively using the book, the book will close automatically after no activity (but you may be able to log back in).
  6.  If you have trouble logging in, the most common problems are:
    a. You may need to set your browser to accept cookies.
    b. If your EMU NetID password has expired, you may need to change your password.
  7. You may be able to get immediate help using the e-book from staff at the EMU Library Information Desk by calling 734-487-2445.

Full text options for EBSCO e-books
There are two ways to access the text of EBSCO e-books.
1. A link to PDF Full Text or to the EPUB format (in left margin of the e-book page)
2. Or scroll down the e-book page to find links to specific chapters.

Unfortunately, EBSCO e-books don't work well on some devices. The library buys EBSCO e-books only when there aren't other options. :(

Logging in to view the e-book

If you are on campus, you don't need to login to access an EBSCO e-book. If if you are off campus,  you will be asked to log in with your EMU NetID.  If you aren't asked to log in, there may be an issue with the link you have to the book. In that case, try searching for the e-book in E-search (use e-book search provided below).

If you are asked to log in and your login doesn't work, you may need to update your NetID password (see Login Problems below).

To authenticate your browser needs to accept cookies. If you have trouble logging into the book, you may need to change browser settings to accept cookies.

EBSCO e-books also sometimes produce an error page when you try to login. If you refresh the browser page and try again, it usually works on the second try.

Single-user, three-user, and multi-user e-books

Most EBSCO e-books in EMU's collection are single user e-books. For some high-use titles the library was able to purchase e-books that allow more than one person to use them at one time.

Single User E-Books
If you get a message that the e-book is being read by another student, you will need to try to login again later. When that student logs out of the book or is timed out of the book for inactivity, a different student will be able to access the book. Librarians can see that e-book busy signals don't happen often, but it's wise to read ahead as the book is more likely to be busy right before a test or assignment due date. 

Three User E-Books
Up to 3 students at a time can read these titles.  If you are the 4th student trying to access the book, you will need to try to login again later. When a student logs out of the book or is timed out of the book for inactivity, you will be able to access the book. Librarians can see that these busy signals are rare, but it's wise to read ahead as the book is more likely to be busy right before a test or assignment due date. 

Unlimited User Access E-Books
Any number of EMU students can access an unlimited user e-book and the book should never be busy. 

Search for E-books in the Library

This search finds only the electronic books in the EMU Library.

Esearch logo  

Linking to the Esearch record

Permanent links provided in Esearch already include EZproxy information. Just select the Permanent Link next to the book title in the search results, and copy the URL:

Esearch permanent link example

Finding a Stable Link to an EBSCO E-Book

A stable direct link for an e-book from EBSCOhost can be found on the initial page for the e-book. Look in the Tools on the right hand side for Permalink. This link is already set for access from off campus (EMU Proxy.)

Log in problems?

To use library online resources and databases from home

  • Use links on EMU library web site or guides. Going directly to journal or database websites will not usually work.
  • Enter your EMU netID login and password.


Other access problems?

Not a current EMU Student?

  • Use MeL Databases. These databases can be used by Michigan residents.