An introduction to ebooks at the EMU library.

General Tips

  • Library ebooks work well on computers and laptops. They might not work on some smartphones and tablets.
  • Library ebooks often don't allow you to print or copy pages (some allow a limited amount of copying/printing). 
  • Some ebooks can be temporarily downloaded to your device and some can only be read online.
  • If you have trouble logging in, the most common problems are:
    • You may need to set your browser to accept cookies.
    • If your EMU NetID password has expired, you may need to change your password.

See tips for specific ebook providers on the menu.

Linking to library ebooks

When linking to library ebooks (and other library online resources) in a course page or assignment, it is important to include the library EZproxy address.

The EZproxy information allows off-campus users to login and be recognized as authorized EMU users.  Otherwise, publishers will not know that students or faculty are associated with EMU, and will either deny access or ask for payment.

Linking from Esearch

Permanent links provided in Esearch already include EZproxy information. Just select the Permanent Link next to the book title in the search results, and copy the URL:

Esearch permanent link example

Adding EZproxy to ebook links

If you are not linking to Esearch, but directly to the ebook, you may need to add the EZproxy address to the ebook link. Copy the URL below and add it to the beginning of the ebook URL:


Example of the resulting link to use in your course page: