An introduction to ebooks at the EMU library.

About Books 24x7

The EMU Library subscribes to Books24x7 ITPro, a database of electronic books on information technology topics. You can read these ebooks online, but usually you can not download the ebook to your device or print pages.

You can search Books24x7 ITPro like a database or find links to Books24x7 ITPro ebooks in the library's Esearch system. 

A significant limitation to Books24x7 ITPro is that only 3 EMU users at-a-time can use Books24x7 ITPro . If you are the 4th person trying to access pages in Books24x7 ITPro, you will get a message that our concurrent user limit has been exceeded and you will have to try again later.

To avoid busy signals on Books24x7 ITPro, when a title is assigned for a course, the library tries to obtain a better ebook version on a different platform. Check Library Ebooks Used in Classes for a better version.

The ebooks in Books24x7 ITPro are displayed by topic within chapters, rather than by the corresponding pages of a print version. Sometimes the topic will be much shorter than a typical book page, and sometimes it will be longer.

Our library subscription to Books24x7 ITPro might not include all of the features available to a user who is paying for an individual subscription, so help pages on Books24x7 ITPro may mention features that are not available to EMU users.

Logging in to view the ebook

For Books24x7 ebooks you will be asked to log in with your EMU NetID both on and off campus.  If you aren't asked to log in, there may be an issue with the link you have to the book. In that case, try searching for the ebook in Esearch (use ebook search provided below).

If you are asked to log in and your login doesn't work, you may need to update your NetID password (see Login Problems below).

To authenticate your browser needs to accept cookies. If you have trouble logging into the book, you may need to change browser settings to accept cookies.

Search for Ebooks in the Library

This search finds only the online books in the EMU Library.

Esearch logo  

Saving a link to a specific book

The link you see at the top of your browser and the link you get when you use the Share a Link feature, might not work correctly unless you are already authenticated in the system.

To save a link to a specific book in your browser or to share a link with another EMU user, the most foolproof way is to use a link to the Esearch record for the book.

Linking to the Esearch record

Permanent links provided in Esearch already include EZproxy information. Just select the Permanent Link next to the book title in the search results, and copy the URL:

Esearch permanent link example

Searching Topics in Books24x7

Once logged into Books24x7, you can search by keyword to find books on specific topics. The default search will look for words in all sections of the books. Use the pulldown menu if you want to search words just in the title, etc.

The search on the Books24x7 platform works quite nicely. However, keep in mind that the library may have ebooks for your topic on other platforms which can be found by using Esearch.

Help with online access problems

To use library online resources and databases from home

  • Use links on EMU library web site or guides. Going directly to journal or database websites will not usually work.
  • Enter your EMU netID login and password.


Other access problems?

Not a current EMU Student?

  • Use MeL Databases. These databases can be used by Michigan residents.