An introduction to e-books at the EMU library.

E-book Features & Help

E-books from library collections and free e-books have limited features. The availability of frequently requested features and help links are provided below.

Troubleshooting E-book Access Problems provides additional help.

Collection Downloadable Print Options Mobile App Number of Users Help
ACLS Humanities E-books No Yes - 3 pages at a time   Multiple Help
Books 24/7 No Yes   Multiple  
Berg Fashion Library No Yes   Multiple  
Business Expert Press Yes - limited # of pages Yes - limited # of pages   Multiple  

Yes - limited # of pages

A limited number of books can be downloaded completely in Adobe Digital Editions format, checkout time is 7 days.

Yes - limited # of pages Recommends Bluefire Reader for iOS and Android Varies, many are 1 user

Quick Start Guide (pdf)

Quick Start (Flash video) 

EBSCOhost eBooks Yes - limited # of pages Yes - limited # of pages

iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook

Varies, most are 1 user Help
Gale Virtual Reference Library Yes - chapters or sections Yes   Multiple Help
Google Books Yes - Free Google eBooks
No - Google Preview/Snippet
Yes - Free Google eBooks
No - Google Preview/Snippet 
HathiTrust Some Yes   Multiple Help
JSTOR Yes - chapters Yes - chapters   Multiple Help
Literature Online No Yes   Multiple  
National Library of Medicine (NLM) Some Yes   Multiple    
OAIster Some Yes   Multiple  
Project Gutenberg Yes Yes   Multiple FAQ
Sage Knowledge No Yes   Multiple Help
Springer Link E-books Yes - entire books and chapters Yes iOS and Android Multiple  
Wiley Yes - chapters Yes - chapters   Multiple  

Downloading PDF files of library e-books

As listed above, some of the library collections and e-book publishers allow downloading of books or chapters, often in pdf format.

Tips for using pdf files with e-readers and mobile devices

  • Amazon Kindles with built-in PDF readers or PDF reading apps can display PDF files. Send PDF documents directly to your Kindle (via your @Kindle address) or drag and drop PDF files from your computer to your Kindle.  See Amazon help for more information and to learn about converting PDF files to the Kindle format.
  • Android devices can use the Adobe Reader app to read PDF files. Many other apps also read PDF files.
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch can use the iBooks app to view, sync, and print PDF files.  See Apple support for details. Many other apps also read PDF files.

Linking to library e-books

When linking to library e-books (and other library online resources) in a course page or assignment, it is important to include the library EZproxy address.

The EZproxy information allows off-campus users to login and be recognized as authorized EMU users.  Otherwise, publishers will not know that students or faculty are associated with EMU, and will either deny access or ask for payment.

Linking from Esearch

Permanent links provided in Esearch already include EZproxy information. Just select the Permanent Link next to the book title in the search results, and copy the URL:

Esearch permanent link example

Adding EZproxy to e-book links

If you are not linking to Esearch, but directly to the e-book, you may need to add the EZproxy address to the e-book link. Copy the URL below and add it to the beginning of the e-book URL:


Example of the resulting link to use in your course page: