An introduction to e-books at the EMU library.

R2 E-Book Tips

  1. The  R2 e-book page will have links to the chapters that you can read online. Use the + to see a list of chapter sections.
  2. Most R2 e-books are single user e-books and busy signals may be common. If another student is reading the book, you will have to try again later. If you want to rely solely on the e-book, it's essential that you plan to read ahead.
  3.  You might be able to print a limited number of pages from R2 e-books. If you print too many pages, the printing function will be disabled by the database.
  4. If you want to save the e-book as a favorite in your browser, save the e-search page (see instructions below). If you try to save a web address that you see after logging in to the book, the link might not work later.
  5. If you have trouble logging in, the most common problems are:
    a. You may need to set your browser to accept cookies.
    b. If your EMU NetID password has expired, you may need to change your password.
  6. You may be able to get immediate help using the e-book from staff at the EMU Library Information Desk by calling 734-487-2445.

Logging in to view the e-book

For R2 E-books you will be asked to log in with your EMU NetID both on and off campus.  EMU does not use other login/passwords for access to R2.

If you aren't asked to log in with your EMU NetID, there may be an issue with the link you have to the book. In that case, try searching for the e-book in E-search (use e-book search provided below).

If you are asked to log in and your login doesn't work, you may need to update your NetID password (see Login Problems below).

To authenticate your browser needs to accept cookies. If you have trouble logging into the book, you may need to change browser settings to accept cookies.

Search for E-books in the Library

This search finds only the electronic books in the EMU Library.

Esearch logo  

Linking to the Esearch record

Permanent links provided in Esearch already include EZproxy information. Just select the Permanent Link next to the book title in the search results, and copy the URL:

Esearch permanent link example

Finding a Stable Direct Link to the E-book

A stable direct link for an e-book from R2 Digital Library can be found by going to the Tools menu and using Export Citation.  The citation will include a direct link to the e-book. This link is already set for access from off campus (EMU Proxy.)

Login Problems?

Using library online resources and databases from off-campus requires your EMU netID login and password.

Most Common Problem:

Other access problems?

Not a current EMU Student?

  • Use MeL Databases. These databases can be used by Michigan residents.