Library Ebooks Used in Classes

Links to library ebooks that have been assigned in EMU classes

About Library Ebooks

The books below, which have been assigned in IS classes, are listed in alphabetical order by title.

Please read the tips, as many of these ebooks have use restrictions.

If the edition listed here does not match the edition assigned by your professor, you might want to ask the the professor before using the ebook version.


Warning: Note that library ebooks usually do not provide access to online extras that require an access code. Under federal law textbook companies must sell separate access codes, but in practice many don't offer a way to buy the separate code or they charge as much for the separate code as for the ebook/code bundle. Where instructors aren't using an access code, the library ebooks can be helpful. If your instructor requires an access or homework code, the library ebook may not do you much good.

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