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This guide lists titles by course prefix, then alphabetically by title. Use the green tabs to the left (or above if you are on a small device) to find listings for specific course areas.

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About Library Ebooks

Sometimes the library has an electronic version of a book assigned in classes. EMU students can use these for free with an EMU NetID login. This guide lists titles by course prefix, then alphabetically by title. Use the green tabs to the left (or above if you are on a small device) to find listings for specific course areas.

Sometimes these are available in a very easy to use format, but often the format isn't ideal. Some library ebooks can only be read online and can't be printed or downloaded. Some library ebooks can be used by only one student at a time--in those cases, you may get a busy signal and have to read it at a later time. The ebooks listed here have a link to tips for using that type of ebook.

Library ebooks usually work well on a desktop or lap-top computer. We can't guarantee that they will work or display well on smaller devices, such as phones.

Most of these titles will also be stocked at the bookstore in print format. The EMU Library works to expand student options for course readings, not to replace use of print books.

Not all titles are available in library ebook format, and some large publishers like Pearson never offer titles in this format. The EMU Library has used grants and donations to try to provide as many ebook titles as possible to help EMU students who may have trouble affording course books.

Other Free Sources for Ebooks

The EMU Library Textbook Affordability Initiative

The EMU Library faculty is concerned by the rising costs of course readings.  We help students with text costs by assisting faculty in finding free or less expensive alternatives, such as open access textbooks or by supporting use of electronic library resources that are free to students with an EMU login.

The Eastern Michigan University Library works to lower barriers for low income students in obtaining course materials. The EMU Library Textbook Affordability Initiative supports the provision of free or lower cost course readings in multiple ways. Library faculty support the use of free open access course materials (OER) through creating online tools for finding OER and other alternatives ( Library faculty offer workshops/presentations for instructors on finding and using OER, as well as individual consultations for finding free or lower cost course readings. The library provides hundreds of course assigned titles in library ebook format which students can read for free with their EMU login. Many of these are funded through active solicitation of grants and donations. Faculty can request library ebook versions of course books via an online form (  Instructors receive support from both the Library and the Center for E-Learning in linking to electronic articles in the library collection, greatly reducing the use and cost of course packs. 

Library ebooks have been provided for this project through grants and donations, such as:

  • $80,000 from EMU Student Government for purchase of course ebooks 2021 through 2023.
  • $75,000 from the GAMEABOVE alumni group for course ebooks in 2021 through Winter 2024.
  • A $25,000 grant to collaborate with the Center for E-learning from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services in 2019-2020
  • A $2500 sponsorship from the EMU Credit Union in 2018, and another $2500 sponsorship in 2020.
  • A Brickley Endowment Award for a collaboration with the Communications Department to provide ebooks for high enrollment Communications courses in 2018
  • A $5000 grant from the EMU Women in Philanthropy in 2015
  • A $4000 E-Fellows grant from EMU in 2014
  • Over $3700 in EMU Foundation donations from individual EMU faculty members and alumni, 2017 to date



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EMU Student Government has sponsored $80,000 worth of library ebooks used in classes!

 The GAMEABOVE alumni group is sponsoring $75,000 worth of course ebooks!


This project was made possible in part by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.


The EMU Credit Union has sponsored $5000 worth of libray ebooks used in courses.

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