Library & Research Help

1. Select "Books & Ebooks."

Select the "Books & E-books" link from the main search screen on the library's homepage. 

Screenshot of the library's homepage with cursor hovering over the "Books and ebooks" link.

2. Enter your search terms.

Input terms into the Esearch box and submit. If you are looking for a particular book, search for its title and surround it with quotes (e.g., "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire").

Screenshot of the "Books & E-books" screen with the terms "Ypsilanti history" in the search box.

3. Find your desired book.

Look through the results to find a relevant book. 

Screenshot of detailed Esearch record for the book "Wicked Ypsilanti."

4. Select the title to get the detailed record.

Select the book's title. This will take you either directly to the book's full text (in the case of an eBook) or to a detailed record showing its location, call number, etc. Make a note of the location and call number and see Finding Items on the Shelves for more information. 

Screenshot of detailed results screen for the book "Wicked Ypsilanti" with location and call number information highlighted.

Ask a Librarian Chat

Chat provides research help from librarians at EMU and other schools.

Off-campus access to online resources

Most online resources (databases, books, articles) are available from off-campus to all currently registered EMU students, faculty and staff.

Not a registered EMU user? See Alumni & Visitors  for more information.