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1. Find the item's call number and location.

An item's call number is its address in the library and can be found in both its Esearch and detailed records. It is listed along with the item's location. If the location is "ARC Storage," see Requesting Items. Otherwise, note the call number and proceed to the desired level. 

Esearch record for Orwell's 1984 with call number and location highlighted

Detailed item record for Orwell's 1984 with call number and location highlighted.

2. Match your call number to a shelf range.

There are floor plans available that will help you find the general area where your item can be found. Match the first letters of the call number with the ranges on the map. Then, locate the correct shelf by proceeding to that area and matching the letters and numbers in the call number with a range listed on a shelving unit. 

Map of the library's 3rd floor. Library shelving unit with shelf range signs listed

3. Match your call number to a book on the shelf.

Look on the appropriate shelf and match the call number to the book. Begin by matching the first alphabetical sequence, then the numerical sequence, alternating between the two until you've located the book. If you require assistance, go to the Library Services Desk. 

Call number tag on book.

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