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EMU Women in Philanthropy Grant

A grant of $5000 from the EMU Women in Philanthropy allowed professors to request library ebook versions of books assigned in their courses.

Library ebooks can be read online with an EMU NetID. Many library ebooks books  allow for multiple simultaneous readers, but some are limited to one active reader at a time.

What we learned from the grant:
Professors from many disciplines are interested in using library ebooks to support classes. We received requests from all 5 colleges at EMU. Statistics showed that many students used the ebook titles, but some still prefer to obtain the print book.

In a survey of students in courses provided with an ebook title, half of the students used the library ebook to save money. 10% of students said that if the free ebook had not been available, they would not have read the book. A smaller number used the ebook because they found it more convenient. No students reported major technical problems with using the ebooks. Where minor issues were reported, those same students reported that they would still choose to use a library ebook again if available.

In a survey of participating faculty, most faculty didn't notice a difference in student performance, but 29% thought more students completed the readings. More than half the faculty noticed a reduction in student complaints related to the cost of course materials. Most faculty planned to explore using library ebooks for future course readings and more than half said they would also consider open access course materials.

Library ebooks may:
- provide reserve copies available even when the library is closed
- support low income students who find it difficult to obtain required readings
- provide a way to keep up with reading assignments when students are waiting for books ordered online
- help with books that are out-of-print and difficult to obtain
- provide options when the bookstore runs out of copies
- help the library provide access to some important titles that tend to "go missing" from the collection.