Mark S.W. Jefferson papers

A guide to the collection of Mark Jefferson, geography professor at Michigan State Normal College


Teaching materials in the Jefferson papers date from 1887-1949. Lesson plans, notes on class field studies, class and student projects, and letters from students can be found in the papers.

Jefferson was one of the first professors at the Michigan State Normal College (MSNC) to take his students out in to the field to study geography. As evidenced by his teaching materials, he tried to make every experience unique for all students of geography. 

Jefferson's notebooks from his time at Harvard; lesson plans when he was a teacher for the Massachusetts Public School system; notes and letters from his time as department head of the MSNC geography department; information on MSNC course proposals; and notes on field research. 

One of the most interesting MSNC course proposals are for two courses to be taught by Jefferson, "Geography of Latin America" and "Geography of France" which were approved to be taught in the fall semester of 1921. These courses built on this time in France with the American Commission to Negotiate Peace after World War I in 1919 and the Argentina, Brazil, and Chili (ABC) Expedition of 1918.