Religion at Eastern Michigan University

A guide to religious activity on Eastern Michigan University's campus.

Student religious groups influenced the continued religious events and participation at Eastern. Some only existed for a few years, while others had a longer existence. were more significant. Below is a list of the major religious organizations on Eastern's campus: 


Baptist Group

Bahai Club 

B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation

Canterbury Club

Catholic Club/Newman Club

Christian Science Organization/Christian Science Foundation  

Christian Youth Fellowship

The Congregational Student Group

Eastern Fellowship Christian Eastern Orthodox Student Fellowship

Episcopal Student Congregation

Fellowship of Student-Athletes

Gamma Delta/Gamma Delta Missouri Synod

Growth Through Reverence

Huron Christian Fellowship

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Lutheran Student Club

Newman Club

Orthodox Group

Presbyterian Students Society

Student Christian Association

Student Religious Association

United Fellowship Church

Wesleyan Guild

Westminster Fellowship/Westminster Presbyterian

Young Men’s Christian Association

Young Women’s Christian Association