Religion at Eastern Michigan University

A guide to religious activity on Eastern Michigan University's campus.

The Office of Religious Affairs remained in operation for seventeen years before it ceased to exist. For the predominant amount of the office’s existence, it functioned out of Starkweather. Charles Minneman acted as the director of the office, and his name is often found on any organizational papers related to the office.

One of Minneman’s jobs was to coordinate the speakers that came to campus. Some of his correspondence includes letters from Martin Luther King, Coretta Scott King, and astronaut Colonel James B. Irwin. The first two were unable to give lectures, but Irwin did provide one emphasizing the importance of the Christian mission.

Minneman also worked with the Association for the Coordination of University Religious Affairs (ACURA). This included attending annual meetings and keeping up a correspondence with other members. Although he resigned the year that the office closed.

His job description was listed in university planning papers as the organizer of maintaining the Special Awareness Weeks, Religious Speakers, Liaison with Faculty Luncheon Series, and the Festival of Lessons and carols.